LetS jOiN

Dec 12, 2009

chapter 2 : sabtu??!!! -,-'

what a bored day...
pesal le rini buhsan sgt ek??
nk wat pe ye??
rini BELLA pindah
ilang la sorg ag kwn ak

kwn2...pe y patot ak wat setiap ari sabtu??
nk tgok tv
xd cite

nk wat assignment...
ag la ak mls
does anyone want 2 do for me??
rini da dpt result
yay...smgt ak lari2 kejar pakcik posmen 2 aw
ok la
not bad
y penting xd y fail...fyiuhh...

Dec 6, 2009

chapter 1 : introduction to kaWan kaKi

org kate xknl maka xchenta
so, jom ice-breaking dlu

ak lah
kaWan kaKi
or nak glam ag
haroOon klu xpon izZat iZzati
(hah...pilih la nk y ne 1)

ni la patrick ksayangan ak
abah panggil dy
si boncet
(layan je la...)
boncet ni pernah experienced sad incident
kepale dy da terburai coz
tersangkut kt washing machine
sian dy...
da cacat da
tp ak stil syg kt ko boncet
jgn risau...muahaha

this is the best part of this chap
student life
coz it was irreversible
mmg sedeyh gile
i wished i could
be a student
but u noe
life is not the same
all the time
sooner or later
it will disappear
but being a student
really taught me
what life is
(touching moment)

y paling tinggalkan best memories
was my upper 2ndary school
being a senior
was the best thing ever
bru la rs nak otai2 sket

so, ak nk wat announcement ni
i'm really missing my classmate
my 514-ians
my tgbian
my student life

these are a few pics
y ak ske
that shows friendship
is never faded away
really beautiful

below this is a pic captured by che
(thanx che 4 such a nice shot)
ktorg landing kt cerun tepi klas
sumeny stress pas wat revision for spm
so, released our stress
by taking pics

from left : mcm(my che mat), cupa, ajie, tqa, kaWan kaKi@me and ijie

hah...pic ni ktorg mek kt air terjun kering depan pjbt
right after paper last(killer physic)
as it would be our last day in TGB
so...mek gambo je la keje ny

y very left 2 aiffa...

muke sume bahagie gile
bahagie da abis spm
bahagie nk lik uma
bahagie da xya g prep
bahagie da xkne mara nga warden ag
bahagie da xya nk kne ikot rules
xbahagie bile kenangkan
y kitorg terpakse berpisah

i still got a lot of pics
but mls nk upload

these are all my nutty classmate
roomate ak xlupe
bilik A1-07
bilik paling otai
ak rs mst slalo kne aim nga junior
lantak r
y pnting dpt rs jd snior spuasny

A1-07 was the official meeting room
for INTANians
(me, dadut, aida, paah,
qla, aiffa)
tp melepak bg members group ni
syok je

klu d-pk2
nk je ak pinjam mesin mase doraemon
sib bek la impossible

mse kt TGB
tue la the best, sweet memory ever
tp kt UTM pon best gak
X2-613 was my room
roomate ak, aida
n seriously best coz
room dy beso gile2
scenery pon not bad
lecturers were all sporting

kt UTM
ak pon de gang gak
n we called it united 6xess

this time de 3 new faces
y remain, me, paah n aida
1 of the new faces was lyana
dak 504
and 2 ag tu dak KoPu
pqa and aisha
they were all sporting
caya la korg
miss u'll

tp y sedeyh ny
one by one kuar
so tinggal la
aida, aisha n lyana je
ak da g inti
paah kt intec
pqa lak da kt mesir

6 months being together rse skejap je
even just in a short time
terase cam da lme knl je
korg sume mmg best
bile nta ak ley jumpe korg ag
ko windu ak x??

english idiom,
ley bygone be bygone
so skang ni da kt INTI college
tp ak still xdpt rs nikmat study
kt college ni
knape ye??
ak rs cam ak ni kt bwh kerusi je
kecik sgt!!
y len sume power2

sib bek de kwn2 y best
kt inti....
my bestfriends are
haroOon and hanis
mas pon rapat gak
spjg ak kt inti
ak mmg sgt perlukan
kaunseling n advice
from all of u

this was from haroOon
dy tulis mse buddy week
i found it
so ak mek la
thanx ron...

hah...this was a pic
captured at the stair after
MPW presentation
(me, hanis, jannah, ana)

ni last...
my table...very messy
coz the table is so small
inti...bile nk beli meje besar sket???

.: end of chapter 1 :.
.: kaWan kaKi :.